Update 2.67 has just gone live! But are you sure you know what it holds in store? While you wait for your game to update, here's a quick recap of the main changes you can expect to see, along with a few little improvements that are worth checking out as well.

Update 2.67 includes not one, but two major revamps: the Alliances revamp and the Incarnations revamp! Visit the website to read our devblogs about them, if you haven't already!

Also in this update…

Let's also take a moment to look at some other changes that are included in this update:

Free class change up to level 20: Meet Andre Inkarnay in front of the Incarnam Inn for a free class change potion!

Mount XP: Over at the Alliance Temple, Teggun is offering a brand-new potion with 4000 experience points for your mount, for the bargain price of just 500 nuggets.
Kit Knapping's Mine: By completing Kit's mine, you can now obtain his chest, which will contain one to three rewards:
  • x10 units of ore
  • x1 alloy
  • x1 to 10 miner scrolls
The higher the ore's or alloy's level, the lower its drop rate will be.
Changes to automatic listing rules for houses and paddocks: Listing of houses and paddocks for sale will now be truly automatic: A check will be run every hour, and houses or paddocks that are supposed to be put back up for sale at that time will be listed automatically.

Forgelance balancing: We've made a few improvements to the balancing of the Forgelance class. More details in the changelog!

Pandawa balancing: As our little surprise for this update, we've improved the balancing of the Pandawa class, in part by putting a stronger focus on Barrels gameplay. You'll find all the details in the changelog.

Many more changes now await you in-game!