You are Lazarus, leader of a group of lost adventurers, defender of widows and orphans (and sometimes other types of people), and determined to unravel the mysteries of the Tower of Trials!

"My name is LAZARUS.

I was once the leader of a group of adventurers like you.

Our aim was to unravel the mysteries of the world's scrollmagic.

After our encounter with the magician, he led us to this ancient tower, which seemed to be his home. The place seemed to be full of magic, treasures, and above all… incredible mysteries!

But as I was saying, I lost my companions. Ever since, I have been looking for brave adventurers to help me rescue them…"

In front of you, a short old man with trifocals is furrowing his whole face in suspicion. He is trying to work out what you want from him.

To his side, two other old timers are doing the same. You've had dealings with jellies before, but this is the first time you've had a conversation with prunes…

"What's he saying?"
"No need to panic, Mimine… but I think this young ruffian wants to relieve us of our kamas and abscond…"

All of a sudden, the gang of wrinkled prunes unsheathe their ridiculously large weapons and start chasing you while yelling at the top of their lungs! They aren't particularly quick, of course, but if one of them were to keel over and die in front of you, you might get the blame…

You want to get out of there quickly so you gulp down a potion that teleports you right next to the Tower of Trials…

A few minutes later…

There's a flash from behind a bush, and you emerge with a purposeful stride, blowing the lock of hair that was covering part of your face.

Let's summarize the situation.

You and your friends, seeking the secrets of scrollmagic, arrived here: the Tower of Trials.

But all you did was turn your back for five minutes, and the idiots disappeared…

Where did Drakmar go, the dwarf who prefers to charge rather than dig?

What happened to Lithiniel, the Cra who keeps watch, your sentinel?

And Annabeth? The one who always knows when it's time for dinner…

You need help!

Yes, Hiz Khouï, the drunk at the Astrub Inn, managed to spit out a name for you, but you now need to return to the tower to find an article written by this famous "Otemak"…

As you walk across the long bridge that leads to Mord's tower, your boots pounding on the wooden planks, you spot a bottle floating, not in the sea, but in the pool. With a swift and accurate strike, you plunge your sword into the bottle's cork and lift it out of the water. There's a message inside it… Could it be a new clue?

Pop! You uncork the bottle, turn it upside down, and take out the rolled-up piece of paper:


If you find this message, I need help to clean 42 floors…


Hmm… There are certainly many creatures to fight in this tower. And it would be impossible to clear it out alone. But you have other priorities right now!

With a firm foot forward, you arrive in front of the door.

Knock, knock, knock.

You think you hear a borbat flying before the door is opened.

"Yesss… who do you want?"
"Hello, shadowy being. My name is Lazarus. I was once the leader of a group of adventurers. Our mission was to…"
"Pleasssse, come in, I can't stand daylight."

It's not the first time you have stood on the ground floor of the tower, this mess of a place that serves as the entrance hall.

Splat, splotch, splotch…

Who is making that disgusting noise?

Oh… you realize you forgot to wipe your shoes when you came in.


"Erand Lestat! Haven't I already told you to store your blood bags in a cool place!? What are they doing here strewn all over the entrance coffee table?!"

It's Kirdor the goblin, servant to Mord the magician.

"Ssss… you're right, sssir Kirdor! I wasss just about to when someone knocked on the door, and I left everything here on my way to opening the door… It wasss just bad luck!"
"… Never mind… Kirdor will clean it up. What the… MOPS ALIVE!!!"  

He's coming toward you!

Keep a cool head and introduce yourself, he might not recognize you…

"LAZARUS!!!" shouts the gnome furiously.

He must have mistaken you for someone else.

"My name is Lazarus. I was once the leader of a group of adventurers. Our aim was to unravel the mysteries of the world's scrollmagic. After our encounter with…"
"I know, I know, I know the song," he says while leading you to the door. "When I hear any news about your lost friends, I'll let you know!"


And you're outside again!

How dare he lash out at a proud paladin such as yourself?! You curse into your mustache when you suddenly hear someone on the bridge. You quickly hide around the side of the tower…

Knock, knock, knock.

You take a peek to see who it could be. On the doorstep, you see a very normal-looking Twelvian. Could it be an adventurer? That's precisely what you need!

From inside, you hear a commotion and the goblin grumbling: "Kilibilibili!"

The stranger has gone in!

You must warn them of the danger!

Without a second thought, you half open the door: "Pssst!"

The stranger hasn't seen you. "Pssst!"

The poor thing looks all lost…

"Over here!"

That's it, they've seen you and are coming over.

"What are you doing here, you poor soul?! That's not how you enter the Tower of Trials!" you say.
"Oh, really?"
"Are you an adventurer who wants to learn all there is to know about scrollmagic?"
"Not at all!"
"Then you're here for the keys…"
"No, I…"

For a moment, you wonder whether you're dealing with an utter halfwit.

You try again:

"Great dangers await you in this place!" you say. "I lost a group of friends… and I know the answer to their disappearance is here somewhere… I can help you, but you'll have to help me in return!"
"But I don't even know who you…"
"I am Lazarus. Watch out! Behind you!!!"

The goblin is prowling around… It's getting dangerous!

You listen carefully: "You're a bit bonkers… But the Master likes that."

You were right! You're not sure this stranger would make a good companion…

You decide to encourage them, but to leave as soon as possible to find someone you can really trust for your future adventures. You go to the door again when Kirdor seems to be farther away:

"I'm still here!"
"Yes, it's me. We're being spied on. I'll find you."
"Where? When?"
"I'll take care of it… Just let yourself be guided by faith and honor."
"Fate brought us together. I'll help you find the keys, and you'll help me find my friends. Go in peace!"

Your plan B is in place… But it's decided: You'll go to Incarnam to find your plan A from all the eager young souls there! The adventurer that joins you must be up to the task: The fate of your companions is at stake!





TEMPORIS RETRO II: PARCHOMANCIA has been live for several weeks!

Have you unraveled all its mysteries?


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