A set to rule them all while supporting esports on Dofus!

This set is not late, nor is it early. It has arrived precisely when you need a new look. By equipping it, your name can sit alongside that of the great Sorond, the former mighty warrior of the Morgotiay clan! And also an unscrupulous cheater and defiler, but everyone has their own version of history…


The Sorond Set contains the Helm* (headgear), Fall* (cloak), Eye* (shield), and Ambition* (costume). 

And… as a bonus, you can also get a special pack containing the very cute Virizeon*!

* All these items are non-chameleon ceremonial items linked to the account for six months.

Support Dofus esports

By acquiring these items, you'll be sporting the latest look and you'll be contributing to the growth of esports on Dofus via the KTA! 30% of your purchase will be transferred directly into the cash prize for the current Dofus World Cup, and the rest will help us offer new and increasingly spectacular events.


That's why the Sorond Set and Virizeon are exclusively for sale from Smiz, the organizers of the KTA. Once you're made your purchase, you will receive an email with a code for claiming your items!

Note: is currently the one and only site not belonging to Ankama which is authorized to sell items for the DOFUS game. Stay alert and don't be fooled by phishing attacks!

Looking for a certain style with a low chance of disappointment? What are you waiting for?