Did you miss the livestream? Don't worry – we've got you covered! Here's a quick recap of the latest Ankama Live! Logan, Dusk, and Papinaut talked about their second week of adventures in Parchomancia.

So we're back for a second Ankama Live specially dedicated to the Temporis Retro: Parchomancia adventure, and we're joined by Logan, Papinaut, and Dusk. To open this livestream, we've shared some data on your progress!

Temporis in Numbers

All the following data was extracted from the data as of 11:59 p.m. on May 23.

Player Progress

  • 157: the median level of activate players,
  • 432: the number of players who reached level 200,
  • 3,450: the median number of tempokens generated per active player on Temporis,

The Dofus

  • Vulbis: 2
  • Ivory: 6
  • Ebony: 8
  • Grofus: 129
  • Cloudy: 140
  • White Chocolate: 151
  • Milk Chocolate: 159
  • Seasoning: 1,061

The Most-Used Spells

  • Top-10 Common Spells
    1. Coins Throwing: The spell was cast more than 11 million times.
    2. Powerful Shooting
    3. Symbolic Gesture
    4. Distant Shooting
    5. Xelor's Sandglass
    6. Frightening Word
    7. Cinderito
    8. Long Stride
    9. Soothing Bramble
    10. Preventing Word
  • Top-5 Rare Spells
    1. Stimulating Word
    2. Explosive Waves
    3. Bat's Eye
    4. Explosive Flask
    5. Feline Leap
  • Top-3 Epic Spells
    1. Strengthstorm
    2. Drowned Glyph
    3. Vokator
  • Top-3 Legendary Spells
    1. Tsunami
    2. Strength of Giants
    3. Heroes' Feast

Fun Stats

A great many of you sold your surplus items to Sal Sman:
  • 53 million items generating 21 billion kamas.
  • The most-sold item was Bwork beer (over 1 million beers).
You generated over 400 million smithmagic runes since the start of the adventure.
Some of the tower's floors required you to get a key drop, and to say the least, not all servers are equal when it comes to luck! Here's how many hours it took to unlock the Black Rat's key on the various servers:
  • Annabeth: 1 hour, or 3,684 rats killed
  • Cleo: 2 hours
  • Kirdor: 7 hours
  • Ellen: 8 hours
  • Lazarus: 17 hours
  • Drakmar: 29 hours
  • Eren: 51 hours
  • Lithiniel: 54 hours… or 587,435 rats wiped out!


The Tower Keys

How does the tower key drop work?
First of all, the drop rates have changed since Temporis started. They were initially set based on the data we had from the last Temporis Retro, and we recently adjusted them based on the servers' active populations – the drop rate is higher on the least populated servers.
The key drop rate is fixed and is not affected by prospecting or challenges. 

Can the bottomless bag get a tower key drop?
No, and nor can perceptors get them.

Can we get a key drop when playing alone?

Are keys dropped within or outside of dungeons?
In the vast majority of cases, keys are dropped in the area and the related dungeon. When a key can only be dropped in a dungeon, the riddle states this, and the drop rate is slightly higher to compensate for the harder accessibility.

For future Temporis events, are you planning a more personal kind of progress for riddles?
We hear and understand how frustrated some of you are, trying to find out where the keys are hidden and sometimes arriving too late, and we're incorporating this into our thinking for future events.
We also agree with some of you that it's a shame that the answers to the riddles aren't available somewhere, and we're thinking about a solution, perhaps in a future Ankama Live.

Balancing, Spells, and Classes

On the whole, we focused on improving classes that were lagging behind in terms of power so as to limit frustration. We'd rather proceed in small steps and not change too many classes all at once, since all classes interact with each other, and we have to be careful not to create more unbalancing than we fix.

Are any changes planned for the Pandawa and Feca classes?
Pandawa and Feca aren't among the classes we have in our sights right now, although we're aware than the Boozer spell isn't very popular with players.

What happened to weapon skill?
When Temporis started, for a short time, classic spell scrolls and new scrollmagic scrolls co-existed, but classic scrolls didn't work on Temporis. We've now removed classic scrolls from Temporis, and only the scrollmagic versions remain, so there shouldn't be any more problems.

Can you remove damage to allies from the Arrow Cordon spell?
We think the spell is already quite powerful, so this change would amount to a buff for Cras by relaxing one of the spell's casting conditions. 

Has the Doomage spell been cast yet?

Can scrolls be traded in for scrollokens? 
Yes. Just go see Mord on the first floor of the Tower of Trials and trade your surplus scrolls. 

I was able to complete the quest that required 120 scrollmagic scrolls when I only had 116; how is this possible?
This is linked to the classes' four active spells, which are added to the 116 spells you have.

What class are you playing in this Temporis Retro?
DUSK: Iop, but Xelor most of all.
Papinaut: Iop. 
Logan: Xelor.
Incidentally, during our research, we came across an effect that was developed by the teams back then; it would have potentially allowed Xelors to change the length of a turn. But we decided – like the teams back then – not to use it!

Do you have any suggestions for improving Sadidas – especially their gameplay – at very high levels?
Three possibilities are under consideration:
  • removing moowolf-form restrictions from spells,
  • changing the passive based on the form played by the Sadida, and
  • totems boosting the Sadida based on their form.
But we're still thinking about all this, so we'd love to hear your feedback on the forums!

Are any changes planned for Sacriers? 
We're thinking of a way to improve their Vitality, as well as a buff for their base spells.

Are there any plans to fix the fact that the Feca passive reveals the Feca's position when they're invisible?
We're aware that some spells don't go together, and this is a classic example. However, it's unlikely that we'll have time to fix this specific issue, as we have other priorities. 

Are we satisfied with the changes made to Eniripsas on Wednesday, May 24?
We don't think they're adequate, and Eniripsa is one of our priority classes for future changes.

Could you increase the arachnid's respawn time?
We'll do this in an upcoming maintenance cycle. We did it this morning for Dark Vlad.

Can the bottomless bag now be obtained?
Yes. This was fixed in today's (May 24) maintenance cycle. For those who already completed the quest, just go to the ground floor of the tower to collect it.

Runes & Smithmagic

When will we get the first 100% smithmagic rune? Also, why can we only get them at the end of the adventure?
The first rune is waiting or you on floor 39! They appear at the end of the tower because we've seen that the end of the adventure is when you try to optimize yourselves. So, it reflects your progress.

Are 100% runes that give an AP planned? There are rumors!
Yes! The same goes for MP.

Are 100% runes linked to the account, and does the item I use them on become linked to the account?
Runes are linked to the account, but the item will not be linked to the account after the rune has been used.

Server Merger

We'd like to take this opportunity to rectify a mistake – during the last livestream, we said that after the merger, houses and paddocks would be available to buy. That's not the case.

How will the merged server be chosen?
After the mergers, there will only be a single server. We don't have any dates for you yet.

Quests & Tower of Trials

How many hidden quests are there?
There are roughly ten of them.
We're using Temporis to show you lots of hidden and unfinished content from DOFUS Retro. We don't plan to integrate it into the classic version, as most of it is totally unusable. The Royal Mastogob, for example, is an original creation for Temporis – it doesn't come from old files.

Are you planning to do anything about some of the dialogue in the cutscenes that scrolls too quickly?
Creating cutscenes is an archaic, manual process in DOFUS Retro, and it's something we weren't accustomed to. Without going into too much detail, you'll be able to watch all the cutscenes again at the end… 

Did Annabeth used to be "human"?
She's still "human", but she's so in control of her transformation that she can sustain it without any trade-offs!

Are you planning to add more end-of-game content?
It's not out of the question, but it will depend on how long it takes us to fix the issues you report to us. 

Can the Ebony, Ivory, or Vulbis Dofus be collected in the tower?
Yes, but you'll have to wait for the last few floors!

Aren't you afraid the players will progress faster than the tower is unlocked? And why doesn't the difficulty always increase in the tower? 
Actually, we're quite pleased with the overall progress, even though the more advanced players may feel like they're at too high a level for the available floors. But it's quite in tune with the average player.
As for the difficulty progress curve, this impression may be due to the fact that the floors weren't designed one after the other, but also – and most importantly – due to differences in gear, level, and knowledge of the game among players.


Are there any in-game roleplaying events planned?
The Game Masters' events will start soon, so probably in the next few days. 

What did you like doing the most in this Temporis?
DUSK: Probably the floors with exotic mechanics, but also the opportunity to develop the narrative part of the tower and present it in this way. It's not something we're using to doing in DOFUS Retro, but it was really interesting!

Could you reduce the time needed to change alignments?
A change was made this morning to reduce the time limit from 14 days to 7 days, but the NPC dialogue might not have been changed. Specifically for Fecas and Eniripsas, the NPC Rafy Stole now also lets you become Neutral again.

Does the feedback we provide on the forums help?
Yes, very much so. We don't always have time to reply, as we're mostly busy making changes as a result of your messages, but we read everything! It also lets us review our priorities, so that a topic we thought was of low priority can move up the list if we see it's generating a lot of activity on the forums. 

Can Dofus be dropped when playing alone?

If I have two characters on Temporis, will I get two experience potions?
No, because we base our calculations on account progress, and we only take the greatest progress to calculate the experience potion.

Could you make the resurrection powder more accessible to pets?
It's true that the pet dungeon is difficult with four players, so we'll think about it.

What stats will the Scrowl give as a reward for this Temporis on the classic servers?
We don't know yet.