For the Temporis Retro adventure to continue in the best way possible, it's time to merge all the servers!

As we're always aiming to make your experience more fun, we've decided to merge the Temporis Retro servers! From Wednesday, June 14, during the weekly maintenance, the DOFUS Retro Temporis servers – Annabeth, Cleo, Drakmar, Ellie, Eren, Kirdor, Lazarus and Lithiniel – will merge to a single server: Mord.

For the merger to proceed in the best way possible, here is some important information about mergers you should know!

What isn't changing

  • When the merger is complete, breeding, houses, and paddocks will no longer be available.
  • Perceptors placed before the merger will not be preserved, and their inventory contents will be lost, so we advise you to collect everything before the merger.
  • Alignment prisms will be deleted, and all areas will become neutral by default.
  • The contents of public inventories (bins) will be deleted.
  • Merchant modes will be removed.
  • Ranking of monsters and resources (their stars) will not be preserved.
  • When the merger occurs, a tag representing your original Temporis server will be added to your character name and guild name.Each player will receive a name change potion, and guild leaders will also get a guild renaming potion.

Specific details regarding Temporis Retro: Parchomancia

As all objectives for this Temporis are linked to the account and server (not to the character), we will retain the best progression:
  • If a player has characters on multiple Temporis servers with different progress in the Tower of Trials, we will retain the best progress among all the characters, and this progress will be applied to all the player's Temporis characters.
  • If a player has characters on multiple Temporis servers with different scrollmagic spells (apprenticeship and level), for each spell we will retain the highest level, and all the player's characters will benefit from this once the merger is complete.
  • If a player has started quests linked to the account on multiple Temporis servers with different progress made, we will retain the furthest progress for all the player's characters.

Since the servers will be merged during maintenance, this one may take longer than a typical session. We'll keep you posted on its progress through the forums and our Twitter.

A special AnkamaLive dedicated to the merger

If you have further questions after reading this article, feel free to ask them tomorrow at 14:30 (CEST) on our AnkamaLive Twitch channel, where the Retro team will be happy to answer them! We'll also take the opportunity to take stock of your adventure.
A short summary of this live will be available within a few days for those who were unable to watch it!

Gather up your courage and your two-handed weapons, and head to Mord from Wednesday, June 14, to continue the Parchomancia adventure!

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