The new DOFUS Retro update invites the boldest adventurers to complete a quest that will let them rival the gods. The hunt for the six Primordial Dofus can begin! But, erm, you're not going to set off looking like that, are you?

When you set out to find powerful artifacts with the aim of acquiring as much power as a god, you really need to look the part, right? You could say it's primordial! Don't worry, we've thought of everything (including your street cred). To coincide with the release of the Reunification of the Six Dofus update, we are offering a Primordial Pack, which includes:

  • A Primordial Set:
    • A Primordial Diadem (headgear)
    • A Primordial Cape
    • A Primordial Shield
  • A Tofus ceremonial pet
  • A magical orb
  • A one-year subscription to DOFUS Retro

Just what you need to look the part when you finally have the highly coveted six dragon eggs in your hands…