Osamodas welcomes you with open arms once again in the constantly evolving world of Osatopia 2! Get ready to experience a unique journey, to discover unknown modsters, and to write your own story in this new adventure! Join us and become an Osatopia 2 "Chromaddict", the much awaited sequel to this fantastic tale!

It is with overflowing excitement that we open wide the doors to this new universe. Osatopia 2 is finally here, continuing the legend of its predecessor with an all new quest. Prepare to dive into a world of mysteries, discoveries and extraordinary creatures, as you already have had a taste during its first edition.

As always, the DOFUS community is at the heart of this adventure, and we welcome you with joy to continue the discovery of the new modsters of Osatopia. The moment you've been impatiently waiting for has arrived: gather your friends and get ready to meet the first Modsters, collect the first resources and win the first rewards!

Please note that you must have an active subscription to access the Temporis servers


Unlocked community goals

Thanks to your incredible support and encouragement, and to the generosity of Osamodas, the community goals have been unlocked!

  • Doubled challenges: An extra challenge will be generated against all monsters over the first weekend of Osatopia 2.
  • Bonus XP: On the Saturday of the first weekend of Osatopia 2, experience gained by fighting all monsters will be increased by 50%.
  • Bonus Drops: On the Sunday of the first weekend of Osatopia 2, the chances of obtaining loot from all monsters will be increased by 50%.
  • Croquettes Galore: Every pre-registered player will receive five extraordinary croquettes to guarantee their chances of taming modsters.
  • Globally Pre-Sentient Mode: As a sign of gratitude, Osamodas will allow all players' mounts as well as petsmounts to be globally pre-sentient.

However, all tales must come to an end, and it's on November 21, 2023 that all servers will close their doors, thus concluding this exceptional chapter of our common history. 

Get ready to experience unforgettable moments, because your adventure in Osatopia 2 starts now!

You have interrogations about the subtleties of this new journey through Osatopia 2? Don't leave your questions hanging! Dive into the devblog to explore the juiciest details of this fascinating adventure. And if your thirst for knowledge isn't quenched, the FAQ is there to enlighten you.