The ways in which purchases and gifts are awarded in DOFUS Retro have been updated. Certain items will disappear from your gift area as a result of these technical changes if you don't collect them in time!

Last year, while preparing the first edition of Temporis Retro, we changed the ways in which you can collect items acquired as gifts and purchases in DOFUS Retro. While these changes had no noticeable impact for you, the new distribution processes provide us with an improved ability to track purchases and how they are consumed, and increased flexibility on the customer service side if problems are encountered.

At the same time, we stopped issuing new items using the old methods. However, some of you still have gifts and items in your accounts that have been pending for years, and that still depend on these deprecated methods.

We will soon be completely eliminating the methods for delivering these old pending items.

Therefore, you have until April 17, 2024 to assign these items to your characters. After that date, they will disappear from your gift area and will no longer be available for collection.

As of the October 17 maintenance, affected items will be identified in these interfaces with the following icon: 

These items may have come from:

  • Purchases on the website or from the launcher (purchases made before 2022)
  • Codes you may have entered (lottery cards or event codes)
  • Opening a Mystery Box or old versions of subscription tokens (Tofu tokens that only granted shigekax candy)
Thank you for your time.