This time, there's no chance you'll ever do it again! To deal with the monsters that crop up all over the World of Twelve during Al Howin, you'll have to use whatever force is necessary… But you can count on the Last Breath Pack!

That smell… You'd recognize it anywhere… A haphazard mix of fetid wool, guano, and mashed cucurbit. It brings back memories that aren't exactly fond ones. That vile soup you were forced to gulp down as a child, ostensibly because it was a miracle potion that would make you grow in no time at all. But what comes to mind most of all is that awful Al Howin night last year, when you were trapped in a dark alley with an eerily grinning gobball on one side and a tofu that wasn't much more friendly on the other. What did they have in common? There was a pumpkwin on top of each of their small bodies, and even now, merely saying that word is enough to send you into a tizzy.

We've got some bad news for you… That night is destined to repeat itself, over and over again, unremittingly. And there's absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. You're probably going to say, "Jeepers!" We'll just tell you not to panic. Take a deep breath… Then run over to the shop to buy the Last Breath Pack!

It contains:

  • Last Breath Set*: Reaper Cape, Runfoyalyf Shield, and Posthatmous
  • 15-day subscription

Hold on! Once these abominations of nature have breathed their last, you'll be left to reap what you've sown – the spoils of well-deserved glory!

This pack is available until November 14 (11:59 p.m. CET) and costs €7.99 or 8,000 Ogrines.

* These are ceremonial items, linked to the account for 62 days.