Season 7 of the KTA is almost over… But it won't just fizzle out. There's a big tournament that you can follow right up to the final, and its in our studio!

Since February, the Qualifier, Championship and World Cup events have brought together hundreds of teams battling it out over several months in an effort to prove who has the biggest sword. And in this little game, 16 teams have risen above the rest and qualified for the final contest of 2023: the Dofus Masters!

The big favorites are probably the formidable teams of TDS, Solary and Rafale, which have still never won the Masters despite their long list of achievements! And at the end of it all, a cash prize of €10,000 is there to be won alongside eternal glory

The tournament starts this Sunday, and an opening night – with the draw for the pools – takes place this evening on KTV!

And… no, you're not dreaming: The final of the Dofus Masters will be streamed live from Ankama's offices in Roubaix with players commentators and spectators on site! For the first time in years, we are welcoming you to our house! The number of places is limited and will be allocated via a ticketing system, which will open soon. To follow announcements and try for a spectator spot, follow the KTA on X and join the KTA Discord server!


Until then, follow the tournament on Twitch on KTV, the official DOFUS eSport livestream!