Adventurers of the Krosmoz, two-factor authentication is being updated, and we invite you to enhance your account security.

Starting November 1, 2023, our Ankama Authenticator app will no longer be downloadable on Google Play; this date is TBD for the App Store. You may, however, continue using it if it's already installed.

As part of our strategy to boost account security, starting on November 7 14*, 2023, we invite you to begin transitioning to another method of protection: two-factor authentication (2FA).

What Is Dual Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection, also known as "strong authentication", which takes the form of a second measure required for identification.

This two-step verification can be done through a mobile app – like the Ankama Authenticator – by generating a single-use code that can only be used for a limited time (TOTP: time-based one-time password).

By using dual-factor technology, you dramatically improve the security of your data.

How do I choose a method?

For optimal protection and in anticipation of the Ankama Authenticator being phased out, we recommend that you enable these two technologies for your Ankama accounts starting on November 7 14*.

Email-based authentication is a free method of protection we've long offered for Ankama accounts:
  • Each time you log in from a new computer or browser, the email-based authentication method protects your account by asking for a security code sent to your email address.

The two-factor authentication mobile app will be accessible for tablet or smartphone on November 7 14*, through Google Play or the App Store.
  • A number of free, trustworthy apps are available to suit your needs, including FreeOTP, Microsoft Authenticator, and Google Authenticator. There are other apps besides these.

We want to show our commitment to account security by updating our protection systems. Our priority is to preserve your peace of mind whenever you venture into our games and sites. 
Protect your account!
* November 6, 2023 Edit: modifications were brought to the announcement to adjust the November 7 to November 14 date. For more information, please read this forum reply.