The new content announcement for the Al Howin event generated a lot of feedback on the rewards. As a result, we have reconsidered our plan! And to give us the time to do everything properly, the event has been postponed for one week. Let's get into some of the details!

With DOFUS Retro, we want to offer you more event-based content. Among other things, this means improving our existing regular content, and this year we also tackled Al Howin.

Following the first announcement, many of you wrote to us expressing concern about how candy that modifies characteristics would affect PvP. We listened to this feedback, and we have decided to completely disable these bonuses in PvP, for all candies. This change, which is retroactive, required complex testing, and we couldn't complete it in time for the launch of the Al Howin event originally planned for October 24.

The Al Howin event will instead start today, Tuesday, October 31, at 3 p.m. and will finish on Tuesday, November 14, at 3 p.m.! And if you haven't heard about the new content, here is a little reminder of what you can expect.

New mobs

Until now, only Jack O'Tofus and Jack O'Gobballs have been able to infect you. But from 2023 (or 653, if you prefer), new monsters will be added to the list of creatures that can infect you with C. alhowinus (or "Cucurbyceps alhowinus" for all you pedantic taxonomists out there):

  • Jack O'Boar
  • Jack O'Crackler
  • Jack O'Treechnid
  • Jack O'Chafer Foot Soldier
  • Jack O'Boowolf

It's a particularly nasty epidemic!

Note that monsters are no longer afflicted by the curse in dungeons (so, not transformed and not contagious).

Pumpkwin Head!

The famous headgear that allows you to go out protected – and immune! – will be back, BUT only as a ceremonial item. You can now wear whichever headgear you like (and benefit from the headgear's characteristics) while being protected from the curse!

A new resource…

Something seems to have grown in the shadow of the sprawling brambles and desecrated graves: the Phantomystic Orb! When combined with the classic resources of a monster, you can craft an Al Howin mask in the likeness of that same monster.

Be warned! These fragile ceremonial masks are destroyed after 30 fights. Note that they can still be equipped after the event has finished.

When they are equipped, the masks can be used to acquire an Al Howin gift by fighting any monster. Note that the chances of winning a gift increase based on the type of mask.

In ascending order:

  • Jack O'Gobball Mask, Jack O'Tofu Mask and Jack O'Boar Mask: about 1 gift every 15 fights, without challenges
  • Jack O'Treechnid Mask, Jack O'Chafer Foot Soldier Mask and Jack O'Crackler Mask: about 1 gift every 10 fights, without challenges
  • Jack O'Boowolf Mask: about 1 gift every 7 fights, without challenges
Jack O'Gobball Mask
Jack O'Treechnid Mask

Coming soon in-game from 3 p.m. (CET) to 3 p.m. (CET) on November 14!