Are you ready to discover what awaits you in the last update of the year? Come discuss it with our teams during an Ankama Live dedicated to the 2.70 version of DOFUS on Monday, November 6. We're eagerly awaiting you to end the year in style!

We're excited for you to discover all the new features awaiting you in update 2.70: Lair of Legends!

The result of multiple months of work and our many exchanges (devblogs, in-game surveys...) around the Kolossium and its leagues, it will also be the occasion for you to discover the conclusion of a series of quests started a couple years earlier!

You'll be able to find all these informations and more in the update's devblog next week. Browse through it and share with us all the questions that go through your mind: we will discuss all together during an Ankama Live specially dedicated to this update on Monday, November 6 at 15:00 CEST, on the AnkamaLive Twitch channel!

We're eagerly waiting for you!