Whether you're as beautiful as a god or ugly as a Shushu, you shouldn't be walking around half naked. If you're the former, it will give others embarrassing dreams; if you're the latter, it will give them nightmares. But both looks will at least make a big impression! For an easier way to achieve the same goal, take a look at the Divine Hero and Bloody Hero sets!

Become a hero. The ultimate achievement for any adventurer. Some stand out for their noble and valiant deeds so that they are sometimes compared to gods. Others choose a life of war, convinced that their bloodthirsty actions will help them win infamy.

Whichever you are, you need an outfit that speaks to your intentions and draws attention to the path you have chosen!

Between the Divine Hero* and Bloody Hero* sets, which suits you best?

They are available in the shop until 11/23!

* : These items are linked to the account for 62 days.