At Ankama, it is of utmost importance that the gaming experience be positive for everyone. Guided by your comments and our commitment to the integrity of the game, we are fine tuning our approach: While our rules will remain firm, our sanctions for infractions will now be more severe.

We have a responsibility to respond to the concerns of our community and to take action that benefits the majority. As we evolve and grow, our policies must also protect the gaming environment we all cherish.

Over the years, we have recognized the challenges posed by harmful behaviors and have taken many actions to address them.

We have made continuous efforts to improve our systems in order to detect, deal with and discourage negative behaviors. Your comments have been invaluable in this process, and we will continue to fine tune our approach in order to make our games more enjoyable for everyone.

While this decision is not easy, we firmly believe that it is a step in the right direction that will improve our community. It is important to remember that these adjustments aim to discourage harmful behaviors so that everyone can have fun playing our games without being disturbed. But what about players who have always played fair? You can carry on as usual. You have nothing to fear!

We are changing our approach towards some sanction durations in case of rule violationsThere are simply some infractions we will not tolerate. For example, discriminatory language (racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, etc. comments), in-game harassment and serious threats or illegal modifications to client game files. Furthermore, we're taking this opportunity to review, refresh and clarify our rules of conduct.

Our support teams and volunteer moderators – the unsung heroes of our community – will continue to work tirelessly to uphold the standards set by Ankama. They enforce the rules established by Ankama, and they deserve everyone's utmost respect and support.

If you see anyone breaking the rules, we encourage you to report them. By being proactive, you help us preserve the quality and spirit of our games.

We thank you for trusting in us and appreciate the energy you bring to the Ankama community. As we make these changes, we will be focused on improving the gaming experience. Together, we will continue to build an engaging, dynamic environment for you, the players.

Thank you for your dedication.