You really blew us away, and we loved seeing your entries! We hope that you too enjoyed participating in this event. No matter how you took part, whether you got out your sewing needles, contributed by voting, or simply took a peek…

It's the end of a unique event where living legends of the Krosmoz were lifted from the pages of scrolls to come alive…

You deliberated, and now it's time to reveal the winners of this cosplayful adventure:

"Krosmoz" category: 

  1. First place:  Svet Cosplay - Sacrier
  2. Second place: Meywcha - Sram
  3. Third place: Rotten Kraken - Evangelyne

"Low Budget" category

  1. First place: Pablloedu - Sacrier
  2. Second place: Okatugrill - Sacrier
  3. Third place: Eliacube - Ecaflees

"Krosmoz Animals" category

  1. First place: Thébaïde - Grambo
  2. Second place: Valyas - Gobball

Congratulations to the winners for their creativity, passion, and commitment to recreating these living legends from the Krosmoz universe. Thanks so much for your support. We can't wait to see you for another memorable edition!

We'll reach out again in the next few days, so stay tuned for more information about how rewards will be given.

May magic live on, adventures grow, and cosplay keep illuminating the Krosmoz!