Mark it on your calendar in red ink: Beta 2.70 will be opening on Wednesday, November 15 for three full weeks! Come see what's in store in the next DOFUS update.

This new beta version is your chance to test out all the new changes coming up in update 2.70: Lair of Legends. Come check out the new 2v2 queue in the Kolossium, test the new set bonuses, or start exploring the mysteries surrounding Silvosse!

And if you have no idea what we're talking about, you've still got time to go back and read the devblog for this update – we think you'll like it:

For the testing purposes of this beta phase:
  • We will import all characters that have been subscribed and active for 3 months as of November 8. So you'll find your characters on the beta server with their progression as of that date.
  • Various NPCs will be available to let you:
    • Level up new characters
    • Purchase all equipment – note that these NPCs will have a randomly generated roll at the time of purchase
    • Level up all smithmagic professions
    • Buy new equipment and petsmounts added for this update
  • Only certain dungeons will be activated.
  • The progression timeline for the Kolossium season will be activated during the beta period, and will not be available for the first few days.
You can check out all the changes in this beta by reading the beta changelog, which will be posted when the server goes live. The changelog will be partially translated from French, and we will try to complete the translation within a few days of the beta server going live.