Dress in perfect harmony with nature and shine brighter than a thousand fires in the heart of the forest! Be careful not to start a fire though…

You aren't the type to simply blend in with the scenery. When you go somewhere, you fully embrace the local customs and traditions.

The spirit of the forest! That is what you'll have to discover, assimilate and display when you come to these hostile, primitive lands!

The surrounding fauna and flora will certainly recognize your worth and show you the utmost respect. Right before they devour you.

You have till Thursday, December 7, at 12:00 p.m. (CET) to get your Sylvan Pack!

Sylvan Pack

When you succumb to the call of the forest, you don't do it halfway…

This pack contains:

  • Sylvan Spirit Wood
  • A Sylvan Cape
  • Sylvan Shoulder Pads
  • A Sylvan Targe
  • A Stricks Pet

These items are linked to the account for 180 days.

Put this set on over an equipped one to change your appearance.

The forest is calling!

What will you do?