In this post, we've got answers to all the community's questions on the devblog for update 2.70. Your voice matters, and responding to your feedback is important to us.

In our most recent Ankama Live on November 6, there was unfortunately a technical issue that prevented us from answering your questions in real time. We apologize for this incident, and we want to honor your interest and involvement in actively contributing to this event.

That's why we've prepared this FAQ in the forums to answer all of the questions you submitted about the devblog for update 2.70. Your contributions are important to us, and we're committed to giving them the attention they deserve. So here are our answers to the questions that were posted in the forums by all of our different communities.


Changes to the Kolossium

Why did you wait so long to make these changes in the game?
We completely understand that our community feels like they've been waiting a long time for this overhaul of the Kolossium. But making major changes to an aspect of the game as important as the Kolossium is not a task to be undertaken lightly. We started discussions with you last year about this project, because your involvement is essential. This process includes a series of rigorous steps: analyzing community feedback, studying game data, designing various proposals, and finally, meticulous tests and adjustments.
Our goal is to ensure that every update brings a tangible and positive improvement to the overall game experience, and the Kolossium revamp is no exception. We also have to work within certain constraints on time and resources, and that requires us to prioritize our actions. That's why prefer to take the time to do things correctly, even if it means a longer development process. What's most important is that we're able to do our best work to achieve optimal results.


Will the changes to the Kolossium be accompanied by changes to classes?
Yes, changes are planned for certain classes, as we mentioned in the Ankama Live stream last Monday. These adjustments are designed to integrate smoothly with the Kolossium revamp.

How will the class changes affect the Kolossium?
The class changes are intended to maintain balance within the game.
We're aware that these changes may affect the meta, which may in turn have an impact on your play styles, strategies, and the length of fights as well. This is precisely what the Beta phase is designed for.
Our game design team carefully analyzes your feedback from this phase to identify and correct any imbalances or overly large changes to the dynamics of the game.

New players

A new player coming to the Kolossium for the first time doesn't have the right gear, and is faced with existing players who have a full complement of high-powered gear. How do you intend to handle this?

We're well aware of the difficulties faced by new players getting started in the Kolossium against opponents equipped with optimized gear. But the rating and matchmaking system is there to find balanced matches for you. Players with more optimized gear than yours will have higher ratings as the season goes on, so you won't be matched up against them.

What steps are you taking to make the Kolossium more attractive for new players?
We're determined to make the Kolossium more welcoming and enjoyable for new players. To achieve this goal, we are:

  • Keeping the Kolossium guide in the game.
  • Adjusting the matchmaking system to set up balanced fights in which players of similar levels face off, thereby ensuring fair and enjoyable competition.
  • Introducing specific objectives and rewards to encourage player participation and engagement in the Kolossium, regardless of their skill level.

In combat

How will you balance fights in which 3v3 solo groups are potentially matched against full 3v3 teams?
We've set up a rigorous system of matchmaking rules to maintain balance in Kolossium fights, especially between 3v3 solo teams and full 3v3 teams that join the queue as a group. These rules are designed to minimize the chances of a team of 3 solo players being matched against a pre-formed team.

We're also aware that solo players are at a disadvantage in these situations. This is why, for matchmaking purposes, the rating of pre-formed teams will be artificially increased. For example, a pre-formed team with a rating of 2000 might be matched against a team of 3 solo players with a rating of 2200 (though note that these specific values are for example purposes only).

Doesn't adding a 2v2 mode run the risk of reducing the number of players in other modes?
We realize that the addition of 2v2 mode may affect the distribution of players in other game modes. Even so, we're optimistic that the changes we've made will attract enough players to make up for any potential imbalance. We'll keep a close eye on the situation and take action if we notice a significant drop in player participation in the other modes.

Can we please have the ability to see what classes we'll be facing during the preparation phase?
In fact, you already can see your opponents' classes before the match starts! Just check your timeline during the placement phase.

Would it be possible to add a few more brackets to separate players at the very lowest levels?
We understand the importance of balanced, satisfying progression for players of all levels. But although adding more level brackets for lower levels may improve the progression experience, we also need to consider the potential impact on wait times.
We've already introduced an initial bracket separation, and we plan to carefully examine the effects of this change before deciding whether to add additional brackets. Our goal is to find the right middle ground between satisfying progression and reasonable wait times for Kolossium fights.

Would you consider adding a bonus for "first win of the day"?
We understand that adding a bonus for a player's first win of the day could encourage players to connect every day to make sure they don't miss any rewards. However, our goal is to avoid creating pressure to play or making players feel like they're missing out if they don't log in every single day. We want your Kolossium experience to be motivated by your interest for the game and the fun you have playing it, not by fear of missing out on a reward.

Would you consider a reward for the losing side?
No. While we understand that it's important to recognize all players' efforts, our current system is designed to encourage and reward healthy competition. We want to maintain this competitive spirit as a core part of the Kolossium experience, and we're concerned that rewarding defeat could undermine this aspect of the game.

Are you going to make any changes to how kolossokens are generated in 1v1?
Yes, the formula used for generating kolossokens in 1v1 is indeed being reviewed, with the goal of more effectively rewarding players with a high rating and to balance the rewards across the three queues. This should result in a fairer system of incentives and encourage competition at all levels.

Will we drop down a league if we don't play any matches for a certain period of time?
No, we don't have any plans at this point to "demote" players for inactivity in the Kolossium.

In hindsight, doesn't blocking XP help players who use bots in the Kolossium?
XP blocking will be beneficial for players who prefer not to increase their character's level so that they can stay in a level bracket where they feel comfortable competing. This enables players to fully master their preferred class and strategy in a controlled environment before deciding to move up to tougher challenges.
However, this feature can unfortunately be abused by malicious players, including bot users, to keep their characters at a level where they can be more effective with their automated actions. While this is a legitimate concern, we don't want to penalize players who have been eagerly awaiting this feature. Whenever possible, we try to do our best to avoid fighting the use of bots by removing features or adding restrictions.

Once we've "passed" a certain key level and started playing at that level in PvP, couldn't we choose to intentionally go back down later on?
This would indeed offer greater flexibility, allowing players to adapt to changes in the meta or to go back to a level where they feel more competitive. However, it's important to note that this would also pose significant technical challenges.
Progression in a game is generally designed to be linear and cumulative, which means that "leveling down" in this way would require a revamp of the existing progression and balancing systems. This could also have an impact on how statistics and equipment are managed, and it's essential to consider the underlying complexities and potential repercussions on the game as a whole (not to mention the implications for matchmaking and the consistency of the gameplay experience).

How will the changes in the Kolossium affect players who prefer to play solo?
The adjustments we've made are intended to enrich the Kolossium experience for all players, whether they prefer to play solo or with a team. For solo players, we're working to make sure that matchmaking is fair, and that solo players aren't at a disadvantage against pre-formed teams.
It's true that playing solo can involve different challenges than playing with a team, especially in terms of coordination and strategy. Nevertheless, our goal is to ensure that the Kolossium remains accessible and fun for everyone, no matter how they prefer to play.

What's New


Would it be possible to highlight the best player of the season in each class?
Indeed, we've considered this possibility. However, we soon encountered certain technical challenges that would make it quite complex to implement. We also feel that the current leaderboard already offers a decent level of insight into players' performance by class.

Can we expect to see a new set of cosmetic items in each Kolossium season?
Absolutely, we fully intend to introduce new cosmetic rewards with each new season. This is part of our commitment to maintaining players' interest and encouraging their ongoing participation in the Kolossium.

So how much will the PvP battle passes cost?
They'll be available for free. We want all players to be able to fully enjoy the Kolossium experience without any additional barriers.

Is the battle pass easier to complete at a low level than at a higher level?
Seasons are designed to be fair and achievable for players of any level. They are based on a specific number of victories, which means that the objective is the same for everyone, regardless of your level. We want every player to be able to progress according to their engagement and their PvP performance, without their level becoming an obstacle.

Isn't there a risk that having achievements for Kolossium participation will lead to abuse?
Earning Kolossium achievements requires players to win matches, not just attempt them. The rewards are also linked directly to the player's account, which prevents any form of abusive trading.


What will the price of the Radiant Pebble be? Somewhere between the Gleaming and Sparkling Pebbles?
The price of the Radiant Pebble is set to reflect its value in terms of rarity and utility in the game. It will therefore logically fall between the prices of the Gleaming Pebble and the Sparkling Pebble.

Aren't you worried that removing Sparkling Pebbles from so many recipes will cause their value to drop even further, and how do you plan to address that?
The value of pebbles is indexed to Kolossoken generation. While Sparkling Pebbles have indeed been removed from certain recipes, they haven't been completely eliminated. We expect the Kolossoken's value to remain stable, but we'll keep a close eye on it.

What's the point of adding a new pebble?
The new pebble was introduced to allow for more flexible progression in item crafting, and to improve balancing. This enriches the in-game economy and gives players new opportunities and ways to progress.

Would it be possible to add slightly stricter conditions on acquiring pebbles?
The conditions for acquiring pebbles have been revised to reflect the changes made to the leagues. These adjustments are intended to preserve pebbles' value and strategic importance in the in-game economy.

Why do you consider it so important that PvP content should generate resources that can't be obtained in any other way?
DOFUS is a game filled with a diverse range of activities, allowing players to choose their own path, whether they're general-purpose players or specialists in activities like PvP or smithmagic. By offering rewards that are unique to PvP content, we encourage the effort players put in to master this discipline, thereby creating a dynamic market where these resources can be traded. This enriches the in-game experience by promoting social interaction and trade, which are key aspects of our design principles aimed at offering freedom of choice and encouraging all forms of engagement with the world of DOFUS.

What measures are you taking to ensure fairness in how pebbles are obtained?
Players' acquisition of pebbles is regulated by a system of fixed prices in which the number of Kolossokens you win is based on your league and on which queue you choose. This means that the more a player develops their skills, the more Kolossokens they'll be able to win. This structure is designed to reward effort and performance while also maintaining a fair and balanced economy for all players.


When you say that the best 3 players will get a spot on the podium, does that mean the best in 1v1, the best in 2v2 and the best in 3v3?
The podium will highlight the best three players in each match category, which means that we'll have nine champions in total: the best three in 1v1, in 2v2 and in 3v3.


Aren't you worried that the "leaderboard top 3" rewards will all go to members of the same team?
It's certainly possible that the top 3 players in the 3v3 ranking will be players from the same team. And if those players are really the best, then they'll deserve their spots on the podium. However, with the new matchmaking rules and the mixture of queues, we think it's also possible for the top three to include players playing alone or in groups of 2.

Are there any plans for rewards to encourage participation in the Kolossium?
Yes, the rewards timeline has been added precisely in order to encourage participation in the Kolossium. This system is intended to acknowledge and reward players' engagement through different levels of participation, thus ensuring that all players, regardless of how competitively they play, will have access to rewards that reflect their level of investment.

What are your plans for balancing rewards between the different Kolossium game modes?
We've set specific quantities of rewards for each Kolossium queue, with a flexible system that allows us to adjust rewards based on investment and performance. Ovatokens and kolossokens are examples of rewards that can be modified to maintain balance and reflect players' engagement and play time in different game modes.


Now that the Treechnid quest arc is complete, will the Divine Dimensions be next?
We have nothing specific to announce about the Divine Dimensions at this time.

Equipment and resource balancing

How is Ankama planning to manage equipment and resource balancing in the game?
We rely on constant monitoring and targeted improvements like optimizations to the resource destruction system, for example by adjusting recycling and by tweaking pets' resource consumption.
These actions are guided by our analysis of game data and by our community's feedback, to ensure a balanced and enjoyable in-game experience for everyone.

Have you got any specific ideas in mind yet for how you might modify equipment items' natural rolls?
We're still thinking about the fairest way to rebalance the stats so that each weapon maintains the same "quality". The idea we're looking at currently is to maintain the same "% of perfection"; for example, if a weapon has a value of 59 for a stat ranging from 40-60, then its perfection is 95%. If the stat then changes to range from 40-80, then its new value will be 78.

For changes to sets, is your goal to switch up the meta or just to make less popular sets stronger?
We have a dual objective here: we want to strengthen the sets that are currently less commonly used in order to level the playing field, which in turn may then influence and diversify the meta. By further specializing certain sets, we're giving players more tools to develop varied equipment strategies, which should naturally enrich and refresh current trends without a specific focus on changing the meta alone.

What are you going to do with level 150-200 items that aren't part of a set? Will you be changing the rolls just for these items?
Currently, our focus is on developing a tool that will enable us to evaluate and adjust rolls in a more systematic way. Until that tool is up and running, we're not planning any special adjustments for level 150-200 items that aren't included in a set. Our goal is to ensure that each item has its place and its use in the game's overall economy, and this tool will be essential to achieving that.

Why change sets and make players lose kamas instead of creating new items?
The goal is not to keep adding an unlimited number of new sets, but to reinforce the value of the sets that already exist by better aligning them with the current state of the game. This is all part of the natural evolution of the game, and helps to maintain a dynamic and engaging environment. It's important to note that updating items doesn't necessarily mean a loss of value; on the contrary, it may increase the value of other items that players already own. We encourage you to wait for the final changelog before drawing any conclusions about the economic impact of these changes.

Are the 3 harvestable resources you listed the only ones whose drop rates will increase? Why not Dolomite too?
For now, the three resources mentioned are the only ones whose drop rates will be increased. Our evaluation determined that Dolomite is already present in appropriate quantities for its level of use within the game.
This assessment is based solely on the number of spots vs. the level. For other resources in high demand, the problem has more to do with the number of recipes that require them than with the number of spots. This is why recipes have also been modified.
However, we're continuing to watch the situation and we're prepared to adjust our approach if needed, based on player feedback and our analysis of the data.

Epic Easy Anti-Cheat

Do your anti-cheating measures take account of the fact that most bots don't use the official client?
Yes, we're aware that bots can operate outside of the official client. Our different anti-cheating measures are designed to detect and prevent the use of bots on all platforms.

Is it possible to have more transparency around what's checked and what's detected as "bot behavior"?
We understand the importance of transparency when it comes to our anti-cheating measures. However, it's essential to keep in mind that anti-cheat systems like EAC are designed as "black boxes" to prevent cheaters from discovering ways to get around them. While we can't reveal the exact details of our detection methods, rest assured that these systems monitor suspicious changes in the game, examine processes currently executing, and identify abnormal player behaviors that could indicate the use of bots or other cheats.

How will EAC affect Linux users running Wine?
We're working to ensure that EAC is compatible with Wine so that Linux players can continue to enjoy the game.

Won't this system block out Windows players using ARM and MacOS players with Rosetta?
No, we've run compatibility tests on our side, and Rosetta provides the necessary compatibility for Windows players on ARM and MacOS players to keep playing with no problem.

Will this system penalize fast switching between accounts with Alt+Esc?
EAC is designed to detect cheating, not fast multitasking or legitimate game techniques like fast switching between accounts. Still, it's important to note that very fast and repetitive actions may be examined as part of the process of detecting cheating behaviors.

Will this system be used in DOFUS Retro?
We're evaluating the possibilities for implementing anti-cheating measures in DOFUS Retro, and we'll share our decision with you once it has been finalized.

How tolerant will this anti-cheat system be?
EAC is designed to be robust, but fair. It has a built-in level of tolerance aimed at preventing cheating without affecting legitimate players. In other words, it will detect and take measures against cheating behaviors while also minimizing false positives or unfair sanctions against players who follow the rules.

These anti-cheat tools need a lot of permissions on our machines in order to work, giving them full access when a fault is found in the software. Is this anti-cheat software specifically adapted for Ankama, or is it a "copy-paste" of the tool used in other games, so that we'll get updated automatically whenever a fault is found?
Our collaboration with EAC uses their solution "as-is" in our game, with no changes to their detection methods. This means that we will not be specifically customizing the solution for our game. Therefore, any updates and fixes that Epic Games may make to EAC will be automatically applied in DOFUS as well.

Are our data and actions from our PCs shared with Epic Games?
Our players' confidentiality and the security of their data are our top priority, and the same is true at Epic Games. As we've previously mentioned, the data collected by EAC is used solely to detect cheating. This includes monitoring in-game actions that could indicate cheating behaviors, such as abnormal actions, inconsistent movements or other activities that violate the rules of the game. This data is generally anonymous, containing only a unique account ID that cannot be used to identify a specific player. It's important to note that only Ankama has the ability to decrypt this ID for identification purposes.

An anti-cheat tool will surely add an additional layer of processing that will lead to a drop in performance. What will the overall impact be?
We have meticulously evaluated EAC's impact on performance to ensure that your in-game experience remains smooth and reactive. EAC has been optimized to work efficiently with games, so the performance impact should be minimal. Tests are currently underway to ensure that EAC is compatible with a variety of systems, including on Mac and Linux, so that all players can continue to explore the world of DOFUS uninterrupted.
During the beta phase, we encourage you to take part by testing EAC and sharing your comments about it.

Who are the targets of this anti-cheat tool?
EAC aims to detect cheaters and prevent them from gaining an unfair advantage in the game, while having a minimal impact on honest players. As such, it targets any form of cheating that could give players an unfair advantage, including bots and speed hacks, for example.

With the addition of Easy Anti-Cheat, will it be possible to reconsider certain cases of permanent bans?
Our Support team always examines requests relating to sanctions, and if a sanction is determined to be inappropriate or incorrect, it will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly. It's important to note that sanctions arising from the use of EAC will not have any impact on our sanctions policy as such.

What about non-automated convenience macros (e.g. a shortcut to bring a given window to the front during multi-account play) which, as I understand it, are very widely used in multi-account mode (and, as far as I can tell, are unofficially tolerated by Ankama)? Will your position on this change now that EAC is being added?
Many players have mentioned the use of non-automated convenience macros to improve their multi-account experience. However, it's essential to be aware that using this type of software, including macros, is strictly prohibited by our Terms of Use (ToU), available on our website. The addition of Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) is intended to strengthen our efforts to fight cheating and ensure a level playing field for all users. While some players may use convenience macros with no ill intent, it's imperative that we enforce our game rules and policies to keep things fair for everyone. We urge all players to comply with our ToU and to avoid any use of unauthorized software, including macros, to minimize the risk of potential violations. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a fair and secure in-game environment for the entire community, and we're counting on our players' cooperation to achieve that goal.

Will Ankama still keep control over bans/unbans, or is that being completely outsourced?
Ankama will keep final control over all bans and unbans, even with the addition of EAC.

Will tools like TeamViewer cause problems with Easy Anti-Cheat?
TeamViewer and similar software should not cause any problems with Easy Anti-Cheat.

Other 2.70 Topics

Is the new equipment slot only for soul stones and nets, or can we expect other new types of items/consumables?
For now, the new equipment slot is specifically intended for soul stones and nets. We are not planning to add other types of items or consumables for the time being.

For the new soul stone slot, will it be possible to equip multiple stones at the same time, with only one of them being consumed after the spell is used?
Yes, it will be possible to equip multiple stones at the same time in the new dedicated slot, and only one of them will be consumed after the spell is used, as on the Temporis servers for Osatopia 2.

Will we finally be able to capture the souls of certain bosses that we still can't capture yet?
No, there are currently no plans to allow certain bosses' souls to be captured, due to limitations related to game maps. Certain bosses can only be fought on their dungeon map, not in an arena, which is why they cannot be captured.

After Founoroshi, are you planning to rebalance any other dungeons?
Yes, we're planning to balance other dungeons to ensure a consistent and enjoyable in-game experience.

Do you plan to do balancing on a more regular basis?
Yes, we're committed to doing class balancing on a more regular basis to maintain a fair and dynamic gameplay environment, proactively taking player feedback and changes to the meta into account.

Will NPCs be controllable "by default", or via the Summons Skill spell?
By default, NPCs will be controllable by the player who starts the fight. However, it's important to note that this option will not be available for all NPCs – there will be exceptions.

Why aren't you banning PL with this update?
We're aware of players' concerns about PL (Power Leveling), and we're looking at different solutions to address this question. However, it's important to note that a complete prohibition of PL may be too restrictive, and might not correspond to our vision of the game. Instead, we prefer to add features that will reduce its use in the future, even if they won't be added in this specific update.

Various non-update issues


Will there be a reassessment of the dungeons based on the power of the gear they provide?
No, we have no plans to reassess the dungeons based on equipment strength.

Do you plan to differentiate quest types with a color code?
No, we have no plans to differentiate quest types with a color code.

Do you plan to distinguish repeatable quests that have already been completed from those that have not been completed?
No, we have no plans to distinguish repeatable quests that have already been completed from those that have not.

Is there a revamp of legendary items in the works?
For this specific update, we have not included a revamp of legendary items. However, we may decide to review them later on, especially once we have access to the tool that will enable us to modify items' natural rolls. For now, our ability to make changes here is mainly limited to spells.

Do you plan to review the bonuses for infrequently used legendary pets?
We've listened to the community's feedback on this point. An initial review was already done for the Temporal Anomaly revamp, and we're aware that certain legendary pets are still less commonly used by players. For this specific update, there are no changes planned to these bonuses, but rest assured that we're keeping a close eye on this issue going forward. It's important to note that the legendary pets feature is intended to be "elitist" and is designed to be especially useful in specific situations, rather than across the board.

Could you add an option to put a petsmount ceremonial item on a Dragoturkey and vice versa?
We have no plans to add this option for the time being.

What are your plans to improve the in-game experience for players on less populated servers?
We're exploring different options, like incentives to join or stay on these servers, in order to improve the experience for all players. In the short term, however, no major changes are planned.

How will the updates affect guilds and alliances in DOFUS?
It's important to note that the main goal in our approach to updates is not to consistently strengthen the role of guilds and alliances. It depends heavily on the specific goals and the changes made in each update. For example, our primary focus for update 2.70 was the Kolossium, which meant that the major adjustments we made this time were oriented towards that aspect of the game.
Even so, we fully recognize the importance of the community's feedback on guilds and alliances, and we consider them to be vitally important. It's essential to understand that these aspects of the game, like the guild and alliance mechanics, are complex areas for which it's difficult to make sudden changes.
That being said, rest assured that we intend to return to this question in the near future to provide you with specific information. We're aware of the community's expectations, but it's just as essential to consider the inherent complexity of these aspects of the game in order to improve them in a balanced and appropriate way.


There are no longer any competitive and/or PvP systems that involve guilds. Are you planning to introduce any form of inter-guild competition?
We currently have no plans to integrate a competitive inter-guild system in this update.

Would it be possible to add more value back to Brakmar vs. Bonta PvP and to the use of alignment wings?
No such changes are currently planned.

Alliances and Guilds: What do you intend to do with players who use virtual machines?
We understand your concerns around the use of virtual machines by certain players. As with bots, we do everything we can to detect and manage these situations. However, it can sometimes be difficult to identify them consistently.


Would it be possible to add voice chat in the Kolossium?
While we recognize the potential advantages of voice chat in the Kolossium, we also need to consider the implications for moderation and security. We have considered this possibility in the past, but there are no plans to implement in the immediate future. We will continue to evaluate this feature and its fit with the in-game environment in the future.

Are you planning to add a dedicated in-game interface for the Kolossium?
There already is a dedicated Kolossium interface in the game which enables players to participate in fights. If the question relates to a leaderboard interface, however, there are no plans to introduce one for now.

Would it be possible to get rid of the kolossoken scroll?
There are no plans to eliminate the kolossoken scroll for the time being.


Do you plan to eventually add levels higher than 200 for equipment?
We have no immediate plans to increase the maximum equipment level, but it's still a possibility for the future.

Do you also plan to give an additional AP or MP bonus for sets consisting of an amulet that doesn't give AP, or boots that don't give MP?
We're always working to balance the set bonuses to provide players with a diverse range of strategic options. However, we have no plans to give an additional AP or MP bonus for sets consisting of an amulet that doesn't give AP, or boots that don't give MP.


Do you plan to start giving rewards to attract people to the beta servers?
Sometimes our teams need more players on the beta servers to gather more data. We've offered events in the past, so it's not out of the question that you'll see more again in the future!


Do you plan to start a new server at the time of the Unity launch to start over from scratch with all these new changes?
The idea of a new server to accompany the Unity launch is an interesting one, and it's one of the options we're considering.

Any chance we'll see some changes to guilds before Unity?
We may make a few changes to guilds before the transition to Unity, but you shouldn't expect any major changes for now.

You mentioned in the devblog that you can't "yet" modify an item's statistics retroactively while preserving its level of quality (smithmagic). Does that mean that it's part of the plan for Unity?
To all those who noticed this phrasing in the devblog – good eye! We are indeed working on technical solutions that could make it possible to modify an item's statistics retroactively while preserving its level of quality (smithmagic). This is part of our future plans, and we hope we'll be able to implement it even before the transition to Unity.


What efforts is Ankama making to prevent the use of bots in the game?
We understand how frustrating it can be for our players to see bots in the game, and we want to reassure our community that the war on bots is a major priority for the DOFUS production team. We take every opportunity to intensify our anti-bot efforts, including by developing new tools and improving existing systems. We take this issue very seriously because we're determined to provide you with a fair, secure and enjoyable in-game experience.
To this end, we've recently added Easy Anti-Cheat to our arsenal of anti-bot and anti-cheating measures, thereby strengthening our ability to track and ban bots and cheaters in order to maintain the game's integrity and create a more positive environment for our players.
We're fully aware of the challenges involved in detecting bots, where it's essential to precisely distinguish between bots' behaviors and those of legitimate players. Even so, we're committed to continuing our efforts to minimize bots' impact on your in-game experience.
We'd like to thank our community for its continued support, and we want to assure our players that we're deeply concerned about these issues and actively working to resolve them. Your contribution is essential to improving the DOFUS in-game experience, and we greatly appreciate your comments and involvement.