DOFUS Artbook & Subscription are now on sale on DOFUS Shop.DOFUS Artbook is a masterpiece of graphics which presents the whole universe of DOFUS.
Only 1.000 copies are available and it only cost you $30 to have yours.
But if you want to save money and benefit special offers, you might be interested to subscribe now to DOFUS. BONUS:
If you buy an Artbook + a DOFUS subscription of 6 or 12 months, we offer you up to 12% off on regular prices.EXTRA BONUS:

  • The first 300 buyers of an Artbook (with subscription or not) will have their copy dedicated by one of the DOFUS artist.
  • Any buyer of an Artbook who subscribe for 6 or 12 months win 1 pet, randomly chosen among the 5 available.
  • Any buyer of an Artbook who subscribe for 12 months also win 1 item of a set.
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