As you probably noticed, we have been experiencing considerable technical problems with DOFUS.The whole team sincerely apologizes for all the inconvenience created to most of you. But be assured, that we are currently doing our best to make you forget this bad time. First, we will offer you 3 days of subscription further to these difficulties. On top of these 3 days, other compensations will be given out when every single problem will be definitely fixed.Regarding the disconnections, we can’t find any excuses and understand your anger. But no matter where these disconnection problems originate from, our only goal is to have you play without having to undergo them.

rgo them.

Those of you who would like a more detailed explanation, please note that we’ve been facing a real flood on our servers these past weeks. We just wanted to anticipate potential problems investing in more powerful equipments and developing functionalities to manage massive rushes best. We really tried our best to be more professional and to offer you the best game conditions. That’s what’s really disappointing… as we try to solve problems we create new bigger ones.

To all of you who continue to trust and believe in us, the Ankama Team assures you through this note that from now on, it will continue to do its best to satisfy you.

The Ankama Team