You've been waiting for it for months and it will finally be available on October 3, 2006!!

This major extension on which we've been working for more than 6 months, will bring in important new functionalities and new contents to everyone!!

You'll be able to capture Wild Dragoturkeys, breed them in paddocks to be fitted out and most of all you'll be able to mount them!!

The new profession of Handyman appears. It will enable you to build a multitude of machines which will make it easy for you to fit your paddocks out and breed your mounts!!

You'll be able to access a brand new area: The Koalak Mountain. It's filled with treasures, dungeons and terrifying creatures like Koalaks or the impressive Koolich!!!

All these novelties will be available with the new DOFUS client version 1.15.2 as from Tuesday morning October 3, 2006.

A detailed list of the add-ons and modifications brought by this extension will be available on that same day in the "log book" section of the DOFUS forum.