A new update will be available on 24/10/06.

The new client version 1.15.3 will bring up 5 new dungeons especially designed for low and average level characters. So be our guest and discover them all!

  • Scaraleaf Dungeon
  • Tofu Dungeon
  • Canidae Dungeon
  • Bwork Dungeon (different from the Bworker Dungeon!)
  • Mush Dungeon.

Moreover, there will be new gears available at the end of each of these dungeons.

The spell and mount interfaces have been improved.

New subscribers will get new pets called “The Soul Eaters”. Players will be able to choose whether they want one of the current pets or of the new ones. These new pets work differently. Indeed, they will count the number of monsters (of one type only) that you'll have killed on your own. They will earn similar bonuses to the one given to the current pets. It will take you longer to make them evolve, but they won't need to be fed on a regular basis.

The detailed list of the modifications that will be brought up by this new update will be posted within the next few days.