Like ripples on the sea, the rumours are spreading: many adventurers believe the Foggernauts are returning, the ancient people who decided eons ago to dwell in the deep. And many adventurers have been convinced! Discover the look of the new Foggernauts today!

A new wave of Foggernauts mania is sweeping over the World of the Twelve! If this class has the wind in their sails, then that's probably because their origins are mysterious. But to date, there has been no evidence that they are seaworthy.
What's certain is that the number of adventurers ready to board the ship is growing! Disciples of the same god who also protects all ocean life (the great Osamodas), these Sufokians are impatient to cast off anchors.
Before you learn about the skills and characteristics of this new class, enjoy their "submarine" look!