Meet a new minor god every day to learn about their influence over the World of Twelve, and as your reward you'll get experience, kamas, and Almokens. Complete 365 of these daily quests and you'll receive the ultimate veteran's reward: the Dolmanax! Don't wait a moment longer, start reading the Almanax now!

Magus Ax’s research has been fruitful:  he discovered that, while each month has always been governed by Protectors and each hour is managed by Demons, each day of the year also has its own benefactor…

The answer was lying in the astral plan: minor gods, each chosen with care by Xelor himself have been promoted to guardians of the days of the year. They are known collectively as the Meridia. Each one has a different nature and power, and their characteristics influence the day that is under their protection. That’s what we call the Meridia effect…

Magus Ax’s observations about the Meridia have been compiled in a single book: the Almanax.

Starting now, all adventurers have access to this online compendium and can discover the Meridia effect of the day. The effect takes the form of a daily quest and in-game bonuses. You can also have a look at the Meridia effect for the next seven days so you can plan your strategy.

For more information about the Almanax and it's ultimate reward, the Domanax you can visit the Devblog!