Greetings adventurers! It's DOFUS Time this week, and Izmar is here to guide you through the dungeons of Frigost in a new video tutorial devoted to the Snowfoux Dungeon! Learn about the monsters and their strategies, then go out and win!

Have you dreamed of becoming one of the elite few who have completed all of the dungeons of Frigost, but you just keep getting stuck on certain irracible boss monsters? Don't worry, Izmar is here to help!

In this DOFUS Time, you'll find a complete list of the Snowfoux Dungeon's monster, including their spells, and tactical advice from Izmar for each one! You'll also discover the basic strategy necessary to make it through the final room, as well as suggestions for team composition and class synergy that will help you to succeed.

Don't wait another moment, watch this special DOFUS Time episode and then let us know if you want to see more guides like this one!