Pandas, bees, and cicadas are all waddling, flying and buzzing through the Emporium this week! And as special offer, the entire Stroy Zemol Set is on sale for just 1900 ogrines until Sunday night!

Have you ever wanted to surround yourself in nature? Do you need a little help bringing out your wilder side? Look no further! The Stroy Zemol Set will instantly turn you into a real Panda! And to help this transformation, the entire set is on sale until Sunday night!

If it's a wasp waist you desire, put on the Bzz Set! You won't be able to stop your friends from droning on about how good you look. And if you'd rather make them green with envy, the
Cicada Set is the perfect outfit!

We also have a new assortment of Shushu shovels to choose from, you dig?

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