The teasing and spoiling this week has been relentless, but now, after building up the tension, we're finally going to show you some of the biggest features of the upcoming Version 2.9. The Character Personalization devblog will tell you if you'll get a free face change with 2.9, and the Achivement System devblog will tell you if you're going to get retroactive credit for all the zillions of times you've killed the Royal Gobball!

Version 2.9 will be here before the end of 2012, and the beta server will be starting soon. Gird your loins for a huge new system of achivements and other fun new features that the devs will painstakingly explain on the devblog throughout the beta period.

The new Character Personalization feature will allow you to change your character's face and hair for the low price of 700 Ogrines. Finally, you can look different from the sea of normal devotees to your god who have surrounded you all your life! Read more about this feature and get a new preview of some class faces in the Character Personalization Devblog article.

The new Achievement System offers a world of goals and rewards that you can unlock through your normal gameplay, as well as more intense and high-risk objectives that pay off with even bigger prizes. You'll also find more ways to show your skill to the world, and the Achivement System Devblog article will tell you about them all.

Then, once you've read all the new devblog articles and know what to expect, download and install the beta client so you'll be ready to test the changes for yourself as soon as the beta server opens!

Happy reading!