Happy Black Friday America! Inside DOFUS, we just finished the feast of Skank Hivin, but today we're honoring that glorious tradition of post-turkey sales with a special 50%-off offer on the charmingly autumnal Pynekone Set just for the US.

The clash and clatter of metal grinding against metal as the doors heave open... the fetid stink of sweat and fear... growling figures charging ferociously towards you... the grim struggle for survival and dominance... No, we're not describing your last Kolosso Dungeon run, it's the holiday beloved by all true capitalists: BLACK FRIDAY.

In honor of this fine tradition of buying tons of stuff the day after Thanksgiving, we're giving the US a weekend special. From now until noon (GMT+1) on Cyber Monday (November 26, 2012) the preciously prickly Pynekone Set will be only 350 Ogrines in the Great Emporium.

We love you America, we're thankful you're in the world, we hope you have a great holiday weekend. (Izmar made us say that - we think you're ok, but clearly, France is awesome, and we helped you defeat the British, so don't forget to be thankful for us too).