A few months ago, we let it slip that we've been working on a new version of the KOE (The Kamas & Ogrines Exchange), and today, that development process was completed! Tomorrow, you'll discover a completely new KOE!

In this new version, our interface team has devised clearer interfaces, our server team has strengthened the reliability of transactions, and our web team has added a feature that many, many of you have asked for many, MANY times... You can now use the Exchanges on the web site, without opening up the game!

Unfortunately, this switchover to the new version will require us to cancel and refund all the offers that are currently on the Exchange. Ogrines that have been offered for sale will be automatically re-credited to the seller's account. Kamas that were put up for sale can be found in the bank in-game after the reimbursement. This operation will be performed tomorrow, during the weekly maintenance of the servers and continuing through the morning. This means that the Exchange will be unavailable for part of the day on Thursday, November 27, 2012.

The new version will be available later tomorrow!

Thank you all for your patience, and we hope you'll enjoy the new KOE!