The English-Speaking Community is like a big family; a family where the American parents and their children live together in London with the Polish aunt, the Canadian uncle and the Dutch grandma. Sometimes you even have the Australian cousin joining with his new kiwi girlfriend… But haven’t you ever thought that calling it the “English-Speaking Community” makes it hard to personalize?

Sure, sometimes it's easier to just go by the name of your server, but even that means putting aside a part of this family we tend to forget, and that is yet still so close, those from the other side, the WAKFU players!

Today, Troyle and Izmar unite their might and magnificence and give you a chance to find a name for the whole International Community!

Now you’re probably like: “Whaaaat?”

Look at the Spanish speaking community for example, years ago they decided that they no longer wanted to be called the “Spanish speaking community”, and decided to name themselves “Hispaña”. They even got a shield designed and implemented in the game!
Today we give you the opportunity to do just that, for the International Community!

If you could find a name that would remind everyone of the English-Speaking Community as a whole, on both DOFUS and WAKFU, what would it be?
How is this going to work?
Well first we thought you might need a little help. So Troyle and I thought of a couple of names that could fit.

What we’re going to do is allow you to vote for the one you like!

In this vote, you will be able to either vote for one of these names, or vote for a last option offering you to send your own name.

If one of the names we offered wins, then it will become the name of our Community.

However if the option for customized names wins, then we’ll select the best propositions, and call in a second vote with these propositions! And if WAKFU and DOFUS vote for different names... we'll have a vote-off and maybe a CCM arm-wrestling match to settle it once and for all!

You can send your customized names to [email protected]. Please use the following as title of the email: “Forum name” – Name your community (e.g. ILoveGGButtons – Name your community). If you want, you can also include your character name and server so we'll know who to credit if your name happens to be chosen. And please don't forget to email them, names posted on the forum won't be counted!
Don’t waste a minute; you only have until Monday, December 3rd, 12pm GMT (noon) to vote in the first poll!