Hi, this is Izmar. Just to let you know, I would much rather be making some events right now, but instead, I have to write this news. That being said, this pack we'll be offering soon does actually sound pretty cool (at least in my opinion), so take a look, see what you think.

After the last few weeks of marketing-heavy news and hype, maybe like me you're feeling kind of over-saturated on the "great galloping gobballs, let's get pumped up about something new!" type of news article. So if it's ok with you guys, I'm going to be a little more low-key about this new DOFUS Mag Kwismas Pack.

The banner above has pictures of the stuff you can get in the Kwismas pack when it's released. It'll include DOFUS Mag #4, naturally. It will also have set based on a cartoon from the mid 80's that's a goofy kind of cute (I had to look up the series, I'd never heard of it before, but it's about alien dinosaurs, that's usually a good start).

There'll also be a downloadable paper toy diagram. It's supposed to be a Blodz Uker in a mud puddle. To me, it looks a little bit like a the Lethargarians from the animated version of the Phantom Tollbooth, which I find amusing. Might be fun to try to put that together.

The best part of the pack (in my humble opinion) is clearly the new /write emote. It's the same emote that'll be given to the writers of the player guides for free in recognition of their effort and writing talent. It's a neat emote because it has a static post at the end with your character sitting with a scroll in hand, as if they're contemplating their literary output.

When the pack is released there'll be more information, like the price and more about the contents of Dofus Mag #4. What do you guys think, does this seem like something interesting to you?