It's the final podcast episode of 2012... it's been a big year for DOFUS and WAKFU; we're so happy that you've joined us for this experience! But we're going out on a high note with an hour-long episode of Inside Ankama On Air!

Inside Ankama On Air 40

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Hosts: Izmar and Troyle

Topics: Return of the Monster Mash, DOFUS Mag #4 contest winners, a new WAKFU server, Krosmaster tournaments, and the unveiling of the new Community Name, along with answers to your questions!

Thank you all for voting on our community name poll. WAKFU International + DOFUS English/International have now combined to create Pangaea. Soon we'll have a new community logo, and, who knows? Perhaps one day we'll have a shield or some other community goodies to show the rest of the communities that we're the best!

(And clearly, we need to show 'dem foolz that we're the super-powered community around here - we can sweep in while FR and ES are fighting between themselves and claim the glory!)

Gigantic thanks to Windgar, who made us a special Epic NPC Theater jingle! Enjoy, won't you?

As usual, we revealed the identity of last episode's epically performed NPC. It was Jaysee Pandamme, performed by tuxx!
Congratulations to sushilovesyou, who chosen at random from all the correct entries. DOFUS players, you made a respectable number of entries this time, but it could have been better! Save up your strength for 2013! Tuxx and sushilovesyou, please contact me with a suggestion for what prize you'd like (within reason).

This week sees the return of Troyle to the ENPCT stage! If you know which NPC he performed, just send in your guess with your account display name (and any tips on pronunciation we should know) to [email protected].

The winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries on the next episode of Inside Ankama On Air and will win stupendous WAKFU prizes!

Have you always wanted the fame, fortune, and recognition that comes from being part of an MMO podcast? The glitz and glamour of the spotlight could be yours by participating in EPIC NPC THEATER! Oh, and did we mention that you'll also win a prize if we use your performance?

Pick an NPC that you like, record your NPC's performance in an .mp3 file and send the file to us at [email protected]! It's quite simple, all you need is a microphone and the soul of an actor. We're in need of a WAKFU performance for future podcasts, so if you want to be famous, now's your moment.

If you have questions you'd like to hear answered on the podcast, drop us an email (insideankama.en AT ankama DOT com), or better yet - leave us a voice message on Skype, or record your question as an MP3 file and send that to us!

We're looking forward to hearing from you!