Now that we’ve all escaped the prophesied end of the world in December and 2013 is well and truly underway, we want to share with you our plans for year. It will involve the culmination of several longstanding DOFUS projects, and we want to show you what the future holds!

The Road Ahead

Will this year bring new content or new systems for DOFUS? What will be coming, and when? Here in 2013, we’re taking a bold new step and telling you our plans for the entire year, all in one big spoiler.

It should go without saying that we cannot give you every single detail and date just yet. This will be a general overview to give you a broad idea of our plans. As we get closer to each step of the plan for the year, you can expect to see more specific information about these content updates in news, podcasts, videos, special pages, and on the Devblog.

And while we’re laying our cards on the table, let’s be frank. You know as well as we do that Ankama has had a bad habit of sometimes delaying the release of certain feature, usually due to technical reasons or in response to how we see certain features are being received. While we are trying to improve on this character flaw, please consider this a warning in advance that there is the possibility that an update scheduled for a certain month may run into problems that delays its release. We are experimenting with an accelerated schedule that will bring you new things to do in DOFUS nearly every month in 2013, and sometimes experiments do fail a few times before they succeed. Clearly, we do not want this to be the case, but if the worse happens, we will notify you and inform you about the new release date as soon as possible.

Finally, in this list of new features, you will no doubt notice right away that some types of changes are not discussed, e.g., class balancing, redesigning of the critical hits system, and bug fixes. This does not mean that we are not planning to work on any of these areas in 2013. We will be working on many quality-of-life changes as the major content releases are being created and they will be added as they are ready, just as they have with our previous major updates.

So prepare yourself for a flash flood of information, and don’t be afraid of the Master Villains waiting to show themselves in the months ahead, because we’ve saved the best for last: 2013 will see the rise of the Krosmoz Vigilanties…

Much love to you all,

-The DOFUS Team