Frigost 3 is lurking out there in April like a large, cold, lurky... thing. If you don't want to get left behind while all your friends are having fun smashing up monsters in the new areas, you need to hurry up and finish the Frigost 2 dungeons. And what do you know, here's a new tutorial to give you some assasination inspiration, son!

If you've already watched our Snowfoux dungeon tutorial then you should be ready to take the next step in your Frigost 2 journey, and that means facing the only Frigost boss without an invulnerability spell: Korriander.

Clump worshipers, mushroom scientists, and fans of sudden death will adore this dungeon; arachnophobes, glyph-haters, and failed hopscotch players will detest it. Either way, we'll help you survive it by showing you how the monsters operate, suggest a plan of attack, and help you pick a winning team too.

If you have questions about the dungeon, or tips for a smoother Korriander run, please share in the comments. Don't be shy, the more people who can access Frigost 3, the more fun we'll all have!

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P.S.: Special thanks to Shirohige, Tupacca, Sendo, Tilianna, Mur, Zaiolow, Dombu, and Zoubida from Rushu who helped make the video captures for this tutorial. Cheers guys! <3