His motives are as obscure as the soul of Obsidemon. Is he driven by revenge? Madness? Evil? Cupcakes? Maybe all of the above? Whatever his reasons, Count Harebourg is nearly ready to take action. Are you ready for Frigost, episode 3?

During the attack of the Foux Fighters, the Count didn't make a peep, and Frigost remained relatively peaceful. But what was he doing up there at the top of the mountain, burried under the ice? We know from his history that he's willing to go to extremes to engineer his goals... even to degrees far, far below zero... But the thaw begins today!

Every day, we'll bring you essential news on the third episode of Frigost, so prepare for the next great adventure of DOFUS!

With the Count involved, you may be playing for the time of your life...