Now that the Weapon Balancing devblog is out and you're ready to quit Dofus forever, it's the perfect time to run those dungeons you never got around to running before, like Kolosso! We're here to help you make your last month of subscription memorable with a new video tutorial!

Our Korriander and Snowfoux dungeon tutorials were big hits, and now it's time to push further into Frigost 3 by staring down the double boss combo in the Caverns of Kolosso!

Let's pick apart the monsters' skills and tactics and break down the dungeon into managable tasks. We'll also help you craft your team (which is extra easy for Kolosso, especially when running as a team of eight)!

If you have questions about the dungeon, or tips to help make a Kolosso run succeed, please share in the comments. Don't be shy, the more people who can access Frigost 3, the more fun we'll all have!

As usual, if you like this video and want more English tutorials, remember to like, comment, share, and subscribe. Good luck on your dungeon run, and let us know how you do!

P.S.: Special thanks to Kneegrows, Nychancer, -Suricate-, Motor-Boat, Ecaloww, Maesq, Iron-Seb, Brozen-Pil, Aurameroz, The-Wanted, Myhealer-nl, Seiros, shaz, i-make-ur-wish-come-, Candy-floss, deadhtmaster, and Tsuki from Rushu who helped make the video captures for this tutorial. Muchas gracias, amigos! <3