The day has finally arrived: 8 lucky players from the English, Spanish, Italian and German communities are coming here to the Ankama offices for an exclusive Frigost III playtest, and we're going to share the action with you, live via streaming video!

Yes, just as Bastien followed the adventures of Atreyu throught the world of Fantastica, you can be the silent partner to our intrepid team of 8, vicariously urging them to greatness!

The livestream will be available at approximately 2:30 PM (GMT+1) on our official English Twitch.TV account, which you can find here: Twitch.TV: DOFUS_EN

EDIT: Due to technical issue, the English stream will not be available, but you can watch the playtest live on the French Twitch TV account here:

We now have a Youtube video of our English players participating in the Playtest available for you to watch as well as a brief English stream of the first two rooms of the Missiz Freezz dungeon. Our apologies for the confusion and delay!!

And make sure to congratulate your English community representatives: Menea and Papatuanuku!