Tot, the head of Ankama, called Lichen (lead DOFUS game designer), Azael (lead WAKFU game designer) and Poupik (community manager avatar) into a meeting about the newest Ankama project: the Sidekick system, which is coming out soon! Tot was certain that the concept would be revolutionary to both games, but he is worried because... he still hasn't decided how the players will get their Multiman!

You've read the story, you know your options, and now it's up to you to choose! How will we make the Multimen available to you?

  • A sidekick fights at an adventurer's side.
  • Sidekicks can be used in PvM battle and are controlled by players.
  • A sidekick counts as a character in battle but doesn't earn any loot or experience. However, their presence can contribute to unlocking prospecting caps.
  • Sidekicks are linked to items and are summoned automatically during the battle preparation phase.
  • Sidekicks can be traded between players via merchants, exchanges, or markets two months after procurement.
  • Sidekicks cannot be used in PvP.
  • A character can only control one Sidekick at a time during battle.
  • Sidekicks are only available to subscribers.
And here's some answers to common questions:
  • In Poupik's proposition, which of the Multimen would be the two free ones?
  • Krobax and Trank.
  • In Poupik's proposition, what kind of achievement would you have to accomplish in order to obtain the two free Multimen?
  • You'd just have to get to the 1000 achievement points cap.
  • Are some Multimen more powerful than the others?
  • No, no matter what solution we go for in the end, the six Multimen and the seventh Sidekick would have equivalent power.
  • In Azael's proposition, how would the testing for a Multiman a week work?
  • A NPC would offer players a different Multiman to test each week. Each character could only obtain a Multiman once a week, and that Multiman could only be used for twenty fights.
  • In Azael's proposition, how would you obtain the seventh Multiman?
  • You'd simply have to get to the 500 achievement points cap.