The city of thieves wasn't built in a day, and less so in a single stroke of the brush. What is hiding behind the heavy curtains of fog surrounding Srambad? Don't wait any longer, enter one of the brains from which the dark alleys of the King of Thieves' city came!

Dark city looking like a slum, Srambad is like another Gotham City. The difference being that no hero is there to bring justice to the criminals according to  Benpi, graphic designer for the DOFUS MMO... That said, the film buffs among you will have no hard time recognizing the reference to Los Angeles, as it is portrayed in Blade Runner, the famous Ridley Scott movie.

"The greasy walls of the City of Fallen Angels were a perfect fit!" explains Benpi, tasked with drawing the sketches for this area. 

More astounding yet: "Venice and the Douaumont ossuary with its impressive architecture were also part of my findings when looking up documentation". 
That just proves that the secret of a great atmosphere is to let one's creativity loose, and to use any and all possible source of inspiration!

Here's the proof: by working from column architecture found in an Egyptian tomb, Benpi gives a Lucha Libre feel to this part of the area. And Lucha Libre has connections to skeletons...
" They like skeletons in Mexico. What a happy coincidence!"

First Los Angeles, then Mexico: the DOFUS MMO team likes to travel. And it doesn't stop there! "Venice, her channels, her bridges and her side streets full of mystery was one of my first leads" adds Benpi. In conclusion: to travel around the world and go sight-seeing, you just have to walk around the dark alleys of Srambad! 

And because graphic designers are still kids at heart, they never fail to drop some winks or little humorous touches here or there.
"I enjoy undissimulated sadistic pleasure in having Lorko (the team's graphic director) take a fall in most of my sketches... And Srambad is perfect for a nice fall!!"

Childish pranks or awful vengeance? No matter, the important part is that they keep making us dream through their creativity!