Finding your characters and playing DOFUS from a browser, wherever you are: this is the goal of the hard work our teams are doing. After a first closed beta phase that was only for Premium accounts, let's take this up a notch! Now, it is 50,000 players, hand-picked amongst our oldest active subscribers, that will participate in the beta!

As a reminder: DOFUS on browsers is just like the DOFUS you know, minus the installation! Your contents, your characters, your friends, your server... nothing changes. The only difference, though it's a big one, is that you don't need to install the game anymore! The browser accesses a light client that only downloads the contents you need. Thus, wherever you may be, your MMO is available in a few clicks!

The first testing phase having proven conclusive, we now must undergo a server load test, that will depend on 50,000 players. Check your Ankabox: the oldest active subscribers in DOFUS will receive an invitation message. If you are one of the lucky chosen, the rule is simple: using the form that will pop up after a few minutes of gameplay, report to us as many information as possible, that our teams may rely upon to decide how to follow up on this project. The future of DOFUS on browser now depends on you: we rely on your seriousness and your implication to move forward, together!
It starts... now!