We promised you sweat, blood, and tears in Vulkania! Through your postcards, you send sweat, blood, and... laughter! And the contest isn't quite over yet! You have until July 24 to write one to whomever: the one your heart beats for, your mother, or even your dog... via Twitter! The three best postcards will earn a reward.


A slash of comedy, a dash of originality... we want more! You too can take part in the "From Vulkania, with love" contest and try to win one of three prizes:
  • 1st - Flute Emote, Toxine, White Ninja set
  • 2nd - Flute Emote, Toxine
  • 3rd - Flute Emote

How can you participate?
  • During your trek on the isle of all dangers, enjoy a (short) moment of relaxation and take a screenshot
  • Download the postcard model the B-Team made especially for you and put your screenshot in there!
  • Write a small note on it, and post your postcard on the social networks (Facebook or Twitter), with the #Vulkania2014EN hashtag.

Please note: this is the only way to participate.

Don't take to long: mail delivery from Vulkania to the Continent will end on Thursday, July 24 at 11:59 PM (Paris Time).