You've read, and read again, the devblog about Shadow. You crossed arms on the beta. You took part in the achievements points race. Are you happy with yourselves? Good. 'Cause now, we're removing the training wheels! Only the best (and even then, not all of them!) will survive on the Epic Server! Are you ready to confront the Grim Reaper right now? 


Are you cast from the noble metals that make the greatest weapons in all the World of Twelve? Or cut from the cardboard of... pretty gift-wrapped boxes... just asking to be torn apart?

For those of you just joining us, "only the best" is not a randomly chosen idiom. Permanent PvM (and only PvM!) death; equipment and achivement destruction upon your character's death; no experience from PvP; does any of this ring a bell? Don't lose heart now: if you recreate the exact same character after dying, you get a double XP until they return back to their former glory. Or level, anyway. Just need an adrenaline rush and hop! Back to the fray! 

As you've witnessed all during the year, there are a thousand ways to celebrate the tenth anniversary of DOFUS. The toughest roughnecks have chosen theirs: a battle to the death in the Epic Server!