Think you're infallible for anything DOFUS-related? Do you pretend to know, by heart, the recipe to the Vaulting Rye Bread and to be able to reach Lord Crow's Library with your eyes closed? The World of Twleve's history arcana have no secret for you? Now' the time to test your knowledge and, maybe, to walk away with the P'nata ceremonial set


We totally agree: a celebration with no gifts and no games is no celebration at all! For its anniversary, DOFUS has made for you a quiz like no other with, of course, rewards to be had! Easy? Oooh, don't think it will be that easy: you'll have to know the MMO like the back of your hand...

To celebrate its 10 years anniversary, DOFUS is planning a great contest comprised of 11 steps: 11 quiz at the end of which you'll be able to claim the P'nata appearance! Indeed, each quiz successfully answered grants you one point. Each time you cross a threshold, you win one element from the P'nata set

A draw will take place for all participants with 100% correct answers. They will have the opportunity to win one of the following prizes: 
  • 6 months of DOFUS subscription, a signed 10 Years Anniversary DOFUS Artbook, and a convention poster pack
  • 3 months of DOFUS subscription and a convention poster pack.

Ready? Then go! We'll start with year 2004. You know the one, when DOFUS first saw the light of day, when the adventure actually started... Do you remember? Aaah, such a long time ago! By the way, you're losing yours! What are you still doing here?! Things are happening HERE!

Impress us... Good luck!