Did you beat the first quiz like a dungeon boss? Or, instead, did you fail miserably, proving to all that you have all the brains of a Iop? Whether you want to take your revenge or scream to the world that DOFUS holds no secrets for you, the second stage of the Great Contest is waiting for you! 

For this second stage of the quiz celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the DOFUS MMO, Ankama asks you to step back 9 years. Fasten your seatbelts and test your knowledge about two of the most famous cities in the World of Twelve!

Symbols of good and evil, Bonta and Brakmar have been at each other's throat for many years now. Do you know where this belligerent spirit stems from? Are you a defender of the white city, or an advocate of the dark land? Whatever your side, this time you'll have to chose the winning one! 

Good luck!