Whether or not you've brightened the whole Krosmoz with your genius during the first two steps, you are too far gone now to stop there! Like a Xelor, you've put your finger in the gears and now nothing can stop you... The game has taken you! So... let the Great DOFUS Contest continue! 

Still there? Congratulations! This takes guts! And that's a chance: here's the third stage of the quiz commemorating the 10 years anniversary of the DOFUS MMO. So, let's keep going, still strong! 

In 2006, the pantheon of Gods welcomes a new member! Her ways are a bit unusual, but her martial tactics are quite the sensation. Twelfth divinity entering the Ingloriom, the goddess Pandawa cheers her disciple with the help of great gulps of bamboo milk. Their saying: "Drink before the fight, deploy the Pandawa's might!"

But enough talking: let yourselves be seduced by the promise of the P'nata set or of gifts that only Ankama could think of, and get to it! 

Good luck!