Well, it seems like you're nasty little buggers! You cling to the hope of acquiring the P'Nata set like a Iop clings to his sword! And a good thing too, for we're not anywhere near done yet. The Great DOFUS contest goes on!


The fourth stage of the quiz  celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the DOFUS MMO is waiting for you. Show it who's boss!  

In 2007, the World of Twelve's map increases in size! Otomai's Island rises from the deep and displays stranger and curiouser creatures then ever to the eyes of the players. Players who get to meet their master: Otomai, an alchemist of unlimited imagination... You can ask Ogrest!

Now it's your turn to play! Numerous gifts are yours for the winning: just hang tight and carry on! 

Good luck!