We are men of our word! Gifts meant to thank you for your fidelity, the Veteran Rewards are finally here (for realsies this time)! When, where, how, and what exactly? We're telling you (again), in that exact order!


Let's not delay the issue further by adoing too much about quite nothing: it starts today!

By connecting to your account, you'll discover the gifts that your subscription time is worth. Suspense...

The Veteran Rewards principle is just that simple: to celebrate with you the 10 years anniversary of DOFUS, we're offering you up to five gifts for each subscription year! Why five? Because, so that a maximum number of players may enjoy them, the year is divided in thresholds: one month subscription, three months subscription, then six months, nine months, and finally a whole year. All these prizes are cumulative, and are valid for years past... and to come

If you've been following alright, you'll have noticed the when, the where, and the how. Now, for the what! Sets yet unknown, emotes all for yourselves, items of all sizes and shapes, pets, petsmounts... Discover on this page all the wonders that await you! Want some names to start salivating? The Black Madreggon, the Radiant Shield,  Sourachnee, the Joy emote, Wartrude, Suri-Me… Dozens of them!! All you have to do now is find out which ones are yours.