You're already half-way through! Who among you can already brag about his P'Nata wand? Congratulations! This means you've won them all so far. Don't get too cocky if you want the cape... The theme of this quiz is: the Dark Knights. So. To your Tormentators... take aim... fire!


The fifth stage of the great contest celebrating the 10 years anniversary of DOFUS is opened: a quiz on the year 2008 and more precisely on the Dark Knights. Leaf, Flame, Drop, Cloud, and Darkness. Suddenly you were able to be whoever you wanted to be! 

2008 is also the year that saw the appearance of the Ochre DOFUS quest... Have you gotten yours since then? Aaaaah, these were the Eternal Harvest days. If you happen to remember it, share your anecdotes and thoughts about it!

Although nostalgia is great, let's not get carried away from our goal: giving all the good answers to this quiz and getting a little bit closer to the next gift! Just put a little more shine on your armor and gallop on: the 2008 quiz is waiting for you!