What passion! And what talent! Not only are you many to participate in the contest, but to top it off, you are many to answer it correctly! The Fairyworks and the P'Nata Wand have been flying off the shelves! Today, we continue, on to DOFUS 2.0!


That's right, we're already in 2009. A year marked by the first character to make it to level 200 on the Heroic Server, and by the first Goultarminator.

But we mainly remember it as the DOFUS 2.0 year! Presented in August at the Gamescon in Cologne, the new version goes to a closed beta on September 30, and launches on December 2. Two days later, the opening of the 2.0 ladder happens simultaneously with the connection record of more than two hundred thousand players connected at the same time!

And you, what do you remember most from this year? The sixth stage is here, waiting. Good luck!